Wolfpack, COOP U-Boat Simulator

Wolfpack is a realistic U-boat simulation under development. When released, the game will be played over the internet via Steam. Created especially as a cooperative multiplayer sim, Wolfpack will allow four players to man a station on the U-boat. The players will need to cooperate in order to control the ship and succeed in their mission. The players can move around freely inside the submarine and can access the bridge and forward deck. Unlike previous submarine sims, Wolfpack is designed for players to procedurally manage the submarine through manual interaction of valves, levers, and controls. Each player will need to bring a serious, responsible attitude to their duties.

There are four roles to fulfill, each with his own duties: Captain, Chief Engineer, Radio/Sonar operator, and Navigator.

The Captain manages observation, determines intersect tactics, operates the periscope, and issues the proper commands to meld the other players into an effective fighting machine. He will use the Ship ID book to correctly estimate target speed and mast height, and the periscope stadimeter to gauge range. He will feed the bearing, range, speed and Angle on the Bow data to the Navigator who mans the Torpedo Data Computer. In his role, the Captain directs the other three crewmen, just as in real life. The crew lives and dies by his judgment and actions, because only he can see the enemy. The Captain will be responsible for his boat and his crew. He will need to exercise good judgment and aggressive tactics in order to smash the enemy and bring his boat home.

Source wolfpackgame.com