Falcon 4 bms 4.33 U2 Upgrade

Generic Information & Known issues:
– The build number string in the Falcon UI will read “4.33.2 Build 15754” after the update
– The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U2, they will still read “Falcon BMS 4.33 U1” after the update, feel free to rename them manually

* Content-wise, the former BMS 4.33 U1 documents remain totally valid for 4.33 U2!
* Changes to the manuals listed below are only applicable to the PDF versions, as the LULU versions already included these updates from the very beginning, i.e. we only matched the PDF versions to the LULU versions
– TO-BMS1F-16CM-1:
* Edited Copyright Statements
* Edited Foreword, Multiplayer, Naval Ops (FLAPS to HALF for takeoff) and graphs at the end
* Edited table caption in BW annex, conclusion in managing BW chapter and add package in an online campaign
* Reverted landscape tables in the annexes to portrait
– Keyfile & Editor Updates:
* Fixed a typo in SimVMSOff
* Fixed a typo in SimTEFCMDFull
* Fixed Saitek X55 device sheet, output is generated correctly now
* Added SimCursorStopMovement again

– Rafale C: fixed slots order
– Fixed wrong texture number for Burner/Cockpit on HG Block 30
– Fixed missing needles in cockpit gauges
– Fixed HUD perimeter too transparent
– Added Delilah Missile
– F-16C Block 32/52 (ROK): Fix for wrong ptype on the fixed part of the canopy (3rd LOD)
– Fixed wrong skin set for F-4N, F-4B down to one set as we used its second set for the F-4N (VF-111 which was a F-4N unit)
– Corrected 3D model for HN-5A missile (same as SA-7)

– Stinger, Crotale R440, and Crotale NG VT1 overhaul, adjustments to WCD were necessary
– Fixed Stinger bad CT linkage
– Keyfile & Editor Updates:
* Fixed a typo in SimVMSOff
* Fixed a typo in SimTEFCMDFull
* Fixed Saitek X55 device sheet, output is generated correctly now
* Added SimCursorStopMovement again
– IVC Client.ini: added “noblock” option, see code log for details
– Fixed broken carriers KUZ, ROOS and ENTER (missing take off runway)
– Fixed broken VDD carrier CT for KUZ (3851 instead of 800)
– Updated OFM launch bar angles to match models
– Fixed the vehicles KS19, KS12 and S60 which were not firing
– Fixed Task Force CVN70 Vinson to match the unit’s elements of the Task Force CVN65 Enterprise
– te_new.tac & KTO save0/1/2.cam (Rolling Fire, Iron Fortress, Tiger Spirit):
* Fixed “Nowhere” name for Highway Strips, Army Base and City and fixed some wrong City name in Japan
* Fixed “Nowhere” name for all the Towns (new name added mainly in China) and rebuilt parent links
* Fixed “Nowhere” name for Air Defense, Radar and Village
* Renamed Kadena to Fukuoka
* Fixed multiple battalions found on the same location (only brigade’s battalions are on the same location than the parent’s one)
* Reset objectives
* Reset parent links
* Adjusted supply/fuel values for all objectives
* Fixed some missing links
* Full check of all objectives
* Fixed the TaskForce roster
– Korea Obj Strings:
* All duplicated/stupid unused string names (orange color in MC) are now renamed like this: “=== Free to edit ===”, so now you know which string names can by edited in the list
* All other unused string names (orange color in MC) can’t ever be edited because they could be used in the future
– Korea TvT: adjusted the EA-18G’s hardpoints
– Added Delilah Missile
– stations+ils.dat:
* Typo fixed
* Fix for Shenyang Airbase
– Fixed GPS flags for Mk-63 and M261 rockets, this was curving their trajectory towards the sim world coordinates’s origin
– Fix for a typo in 3 keyfiles – SimTEFCMDFull written SimTEFCDMFull
– SA-15: little range table fix + ppt.ini updated with correct range
– Added GBU-54/B on F-15E/I/K centerline
– Fixed offset in EA-18G’s weapon loadout.
– Corrected 3D model for HN-5A missile (same as SA-7)
– Correct texture for AA-6/AA-6R
– B-1B engine sound fix
– External fuel tank load order configuration + sound attribution fix for flare dispenser
– SA-3 PPT range set to 9NM instead of 7

– IVC, updated server version to 1.1.1, client version to 1.3.3:
* fixed audio distortion bug when listening to ppl talking on multiple channels at the same time
* Client: added new command line/config option “noblock”(B), if set, the blocking tone will not play if you PTT and there is already someone talking on the same channel (just a convenience option for ppl who can’t stand the blocking tone)
– Fixed for CTD in “PackageClass::RemoveChild()”
– Fixed wingman AI (Human wingman/flight, not happening to pure AI flights) dropping munitions that dropped in sets (e.g a set of JDAMs) on exactly the same target when they are expected to pick targets randomly
– Small fix for AI climbing to JDAM drop altitude too late in the pass
– Fixed CTD on AWACS Check-in
– Added a config variable “g_bDisableIRObjectTexturing” that will allow disabling texturing of objects in an IR MFD view. When the ground is relatively bright (e.g yellow desert, like seen a lot in ITO) the BHOT/WHOT of the ground/objects rendering doesn’t work so well when the object’s texturing is enabled, i.e objects are dark when ground is dark and bright when ground is as well, thus creating color blindness. This config variable will help disabling the texturing which is causing this. The texturing is OK for most of time so it should only be used if necessary:
* set g_bDisableIRObjectTexturing 1
* Default is 0/false
– Fixed MANPADs not launching in the correct direction
– Fixed the missileClass KillGroundSpot crash (AKA VuHashTable::Remove CTD).
– Fixed a bug when firing the last HARM not in POS mode caused the WPN page to go totally blank, now it’ll go to OFF mode as expected
– Fixed anti-collision light stuck in ON when toggled at the “correct” time
– Fixed uncaged IR missiles occasionally “jumping” to another target
– ALE-47, VMS: only play “Chaff-Flare” when CMs really leave the AC, and not at program initiation
– Fixed wind direction error of 180 deg when reading/saving a map
– Fixed SimAPOverride setting Fuel Flow to 0 while on ground
– Weapons will now be moved back to squadron stores if a flight is deleted from ATO
– New supply code (can be disabled via “set g_bNewSupplyCode 0” in *.cfg):
* We now use sorted lists with high priority recipients first
* Supply bonus received by a team when going into offensive now is dependent on available (not yet destroyed) production sources
* When a flight uses a weapon which is no longer available in squadron stores, all other weapons will be reduced by 5%
* Supply code can be made “verbose” (MonoPrints) for via *.cfg variable (set g_nSupplyDebug_Team, -1 = off, 0 = team 0, 1 = team 1, …, 8 = all teams)
– Battalions now will lose supplies depending on the ground action (when battalion is moving) and also while doing nothing (can be adjusted via variable “BattalionSupplyAttritionTime” in *.aii, default is 6 hours)
– New challenge rating code, we’ll adjust supply time instead of unit vehicle slots (for disabling add “set g_bNewChallengeRatingCode 0” to the *.cfg)
– Supply code will not fill-up more weapons to the stores than we had originally anymore
– Fixed CTD in case of: select a radar with your HAD/HTS; bring the HAD target indicator symbol into the HUD; hit ICP7/MARK – select HUD mark mode; slew HUD mark circle over the HAD target indicator and press TMS up; hit DCS-return to reset to the CNI page – game crashes at this point
– Fixed a bug that caused Laser JDAM at Release moment to override the laser code that was entered in the SMS control page, with the default laser code that came from munitions page
– Better management of IDM addresses, fixes for IDM inconsistencies when a flight in the package was destroyed
– Fixed SMS page being removed from preset when performing an Emergency Jettison
– Fixed VLS missile skyrocketting when fired on NOE target
– Better management of BORE/SLAV setting for AA missiles:
* BORE/SLAV “main” setting will be common to all missiles and specific for each master mode, and changed only via OSB
* Cursor/enable in “deadman” will apply opposite of current “main” MM setting as long as it is pressed, regardless of missile changes or MM changes
* cursor/enable in “toggle” will act exactly as OSBs
– Fixes and general work for ARH SLAV launches without bugged target as well as BORE launches, a missile fired in BORE with a bugged target will no longer go after said bugged target+couple of fixes/adjustments for radio calls
– Fixed MFD ownship bullseye symbol (bullseye coords were affected by SPI offset)
– Fixed rocket CCIP pipper jumping all over the place
– Fixed bug in TE Victory Conditions screen when Engagement Type doesn’t reflect real loaded mission type and is always set to last value used in TE Editor, training missions are set as Sortie there (Training type is missing from dropdown because TRNs are not editable in Falcon UI)
– Fixed bug where Change Skin Button on Munition screen was always in effect after user pressed it once, now selected skin resets every time you open mission or campaign

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