HQS v2.6 Sound Mod for CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB

Sound mod for CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB

Changelog 2.6
1,500 new sounds:
Canadian” voice
More new sounds for the American, Polish,Italian,British,German and Russian infantry and more new sounds death
More ricochets / penetrations / impacts / explosions / zips/incoming artillery/hits/ricochets
Improved ambient sounds
Italian ambinet (unpack and raplace Z/HQS2.6/background )
Improved small arms
and of course lots of other fixes and improvements

Source CMMods III

FGM One of Those Days


The previous day was tough on our enemy as Forward Observer Units from Regimental HQ were positioned in an outpost of an old church overlooking a valley near Piedilama where New Zealand Troops were pushing forward.

Artillery hell rained down on the Allies parade most of the day until a flight of P-38s came by and drove our Observers and their support infantry from the church and town back up into the mountains.

This morning we will now see if we can regain access to the town and the Observation Post before the New Zealanders realize we left.

Requires CMFI +GL

This is a Meeting Engagement !

Source The Scenario Depot III