Combat Mission Game Engine 4

Dunno how I missed this news posted already December 24th 2016. Anyways read below:

At long last, Combat Mission moves from Game Engine 3 to Game Engine 4! In the Store you will find Upgrades for CMBN, CMRT, CMBS, and CMFB. CMFI’s needs a little more time in the oven, but it will be along shortly.

After we have a little time to recover there will be a central page of information about Game Engine 4. For now just visit one of the supported CM Families in the Battlefront Store and look for the various Upgrade options. The details are there for your viewing pleasure.

We offer a bunch of different purchase options, including product specific Upgrade 4 installers, specials for both Upgrade 3 and Upgrade 4 (where applicable), and the Upgrade mega pack with all 5 Families covered (including CMFI). It was a last minute rush of minutia to get them out to you, so enjoy!

Also know that CMBN, CMRT, CMBS, and CMFB Base Games and Base Game Bundles are all using Game Engine 4 now. CMFI, once we get some details ironed out, will also be at Game Engine 4.

Happy Holidays!


HQS v2.6 Sound Mod for CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB

Sound mod for CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, CMFB

Changelog 2.6
1,500 new sounds:
Canadian” voice
More new sounds for the American, Polish,Italian,British,German and Russian infantry and more new sounds death
More ricochets / penetrations / impacts / explosions / zips/incoming artillery/hits/ricochets
Improved ambient sounds
Italian ambinet (unpack and raplace Z/HQS2.6/background )
Improved small arms
and of course lots of other fixes and improvements

Source CMMods III

Vin’s Animated Text CMFB V1.02

Vin’s animated text mod for CMFB v1.02
Concept by Vinnart
Graphics by Marco Bergman
(Update by CMFDR)

This mod changes the soldier stat text to make it easier to distinguish the actions of each soldier in the squad, and separate teams within the squad by use of type styles, and symbols.
It gives the text an “animated” feel, and gives the player a clearer picture of the actions at a glance.
The mod contains two versions. One is “heavy”, and one is “light” with the only difference in the two being the action “Spotting”.
The “heavy” version uses a symbol of an “eye to show the action. The “light” version maintains the word as a kind of filter that can be ignored making the more important symbol actions stand out.
Other than that all graphic symbols in the “legend” are used.

To use the mod place either the “heavy”, or “light folder inside {My Documents}\Battlefront\Final Blitzkrieg\User Data\Mods folder.


Vin (Vinnart)

IMPORTANT This mod will only work with CMFB v1.02, and is not CMRT or CMBN or CMFI or CMSF compatible. This mod alters “strings.txt”. It MUST be updated whenever a new patch comes out.
If you start to see really odd equipment and vehicle names, then this mod is out of date and must be updated.

PMCTODO download broken Vins-Animated-text-CMFBv102_2.7z

Source CMMods II

Final Blitzkrieg v1.02 Patch

Several small issues with Final Blitzkrieg are now fixed with the new v1.02 Patch.


TO&E and Formations

* Commanders of German 2nd and 3rd grenadier rifle platoons have higher ranks.
* Organic 81mm mortar teams in German Parachute platoons and companies can now be called for indirect fire through the support tab.
* Some US airborne infantry rifle squads would start split by default.

* Mac Only: Artillery confirmation chatter is now audible.
Bug Fixes

* Game would always start with shaders turned off.
* Sometimes units would path incorrectly around water.
* Various crashes.
Art Fixes

* Springfield M1903 texture improved.


Bastogne Plus One Campaign and Bulge Plus One Campaign


Guys, these are my designs. They are memory heavy, lots of units, so save often. I used about 30-40 saves per campaign, especially at the end of scenarios. Then, if it crashes, (not often) you can reload the last and continue.


Source The Scenario Depot III

Lanzerath Ridge Map


This is the map used for the scenario that ships with CMFB “Action at Lanzerath Ridge”. I made the map using google earth (or the terrain) and the pictures and maps in the book The Longest Winter (for period pictures). This map is much larger than what was used in the scenario. It includes the ridge where the fighting took place, the village and a fair amount of the area south of the village too.


Source The Scenario Depot III

Vin Geometric Icons CMFB


Vin Geometric Icons CMFB v.1 + bonus Arrow Bases

First, special thanks to Juju, Wolf, and Bil for all their original contributions from which I have drawn from to create this mod, and it’s concepts. This mod will work in ANY Cmx2 game with USA and Germany. If you are familiar with my other Icon mods this one works the same in using different colors for spotted and FOW icons, along with different colors for fortifications icons making set up much more visually organized. Each unit class has a unique geometric shape making it much easier to differentiate unit types while making icons smaller.

Newest Feature: New HQ icons.
HQ units stand out much better now using contrast for visual emphasis while having a more interesting look with a white star icon for USA, and the Balkenkreuz for Germany.

BONUS Arrow Bases mod included!

To use: put what folders you want into your “User data folder”.

Vin (vinnart)

Source CMMods II

A Nasty Surprise


This is a fictional “what if” H2H scenario. It takes place a couple days before the German offensive. The villages depicted, Hollerath and Ramscheid, are one of the areas from which the German 6th Panzer launched their northern push. However, the play map is not an exact match for the area. I have found photos of the small stream between the villages which shows it to be everything from a small brook, to a fast moving creek. I choose to make it the way it is on this map for play ability reasons.

The US 7th Army has quietly been moved into position in the Ardennes just west of the German lines, in the area of two other villages called Rocherath-Krinkelt. The Allies plan to launch an offensive through the Western Wall and open a route to the Rhine River.

On the other side of the line, the Germans are quietly building up men and material to begin the Rundstedt Offensive. During the night, German units have been slowly moving into staging areas just behind the Villages of Hollerath and Ramscheid.

Just before dawn on December 12th the Allies launch their offensive against what they think is a poorly defended area.

Thus the Nasty Surprise!

Requires version 1.01

Source The Scenario Depot III