Firefox MP COOP Server

Ive been working on an online persistent 16 player coop campaign, for over 6 months.

You are welcome to join the server and enjoy some good old Game play..

– 80% Random task locations with 100’s of combinations possible each replay
– Persistant 24/7 working enemy Army with patrols, spec ops raids, spotters and support.
– MHQ’S with camps and fast travel, Backpacks and Statics
– Mobile Command FOB with squad recruit, base defense, Air support, Scud missile request, and more.

7 Main Objective’s – Secure Airfields and Forward Camps
10 Tactical Ojectives’s – Enemy Artillary, Infantry and Armour Camps sending out patrols/Spotters
4 Intel Objective’s – Recover Data, Rescue and kidnap to reveal tactical locations
7 Bonus Objectives – Hijack convoy’s, Assassinate and Rescue to receive bonus units

Join the server for good teamwork.
Mission in development..

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