ArmA 2 Corepatch Beta

Should be available from steam under ArmA 2 beta and ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead beta. Preliminary changelog:

22.02.2017 data changelog for Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operations Arrowhead

+ Added ACR lite installer* (for compatibility reason, please start STEAMclient via “Run as Administrator” once)
* note: Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead must be properly downloaded, installed and started once (both A2 and A2OA)

+ Added Corepatch’s ACR4OA (resolving some ACR lite issues under Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead data-only run)
– cleaned up some obsolete files from A2OA

Data changes cover titles: Arma 2, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, and theirs derivates (Arma 2: Combined Operations) etc.

iron sights for scoped weapons with sidemounted scope (
some factions and subfactions lack medics and engineers (
GAU22 cannon to F35B plane
light version of UK-59 (UK59_ACR_Small)
Mi-24 proper holographic sights
missed postprocess effects to some optical sights
new weapons – M4A3_EP1 and M4A3_RCO_EP1 rifles
possibility to deactivate mines to saboteurs and some soldiers of special forces
possibility to switch seat between some seats in some vehicles
possibility to use NV goggles with some optical sights (ACOG, M145, SUSAT, etc.)
zeroing function to MP5 submachine gun

reverted CIT #14888 bug fix
deleted CIT #22991, #22992, #22994, #22996, #22998, #22999, #24661, #24662, #24663, #24666 and #24670 bug fixes due to causes appearance of “No owner” messages in RPT file
reverted and updated CIT #28047 bug fix
reverted CCP #71037 bug fix to original state
deleted CCP #71142 bug fix due to it’s faulty
ACR pistol sounds rearrenged, better new ACR sounds are used
ACR SD pistol and SD EVO 3 sound configs adjusted to fit with other SD weapons
AI should no longer go prone indoors as much
ammo of 250Rnd_30mm_GSh302 magazine to HE
camera memory point of some sniper rifles
commander optics model of some vehicles
decreased discrete distances range of M110_TWS_EP1 rifle and turrets with some cannons
definitions of Binocular and Binocular_Vector to more realistic
definitions of some optical sights to more realistic
deleted M1A2 tank loader TI optics vision mode
deleted unnecessary fire mode (@ 2600 SPM) of GSh302K cannon
external camera rotation angles of tracked vehicles
forbade air locking of AP and “no tracer” (uses in sniper rifles) bullets
“get in” / “get out” actions of some vehicles
“get in” / “get out” sounds of some vehicles
increased discrete distances range of some sniper rifles
hit value of pistol and some cannon projectiles
inventory picture of OG7 launcher magazine
main turret max elevation angle of ZSU_Shilka vehicle
max transportable amount of weapons, magazines and backpacks of some vehicles
models of 20Rnd_9x19_EVO(SD) and 30Rnd_9x19_MP5SD magazines to more suitable
optics model of M4A1_RCO_GL, m16a4_acg, M16A4_ACG_GL and Sa58V_RCO_EP1 rifles
rate of fire of M134 machine gun and some cannons
removed light version of pilot unit as it was already present
reverted possibility of M1A2 loader to fire when turned in tank
reverted zeroing function to DMR rifle, Pecheneg machine gun and some weapons with TI sights
removed flare launcher from AH6X helicopter
removed rocket launcher reload sound of BMP3 IFV and T90 tank
rocket launcher reload time of BMP3 IFV and T90 tank
shot sound of M32_heli grenade launcher
turret zeroing initial value of Dingo vehicles

[LAV-25 | LAV-25 (HQ)] driver-view, turned-out, look right back problem (
AK-107 model issue when fire (
wrong sight pictures of all AK, PK and Bizon (
AI can see and shoot through the walls on one side of the long white animal Shed (
Hind distance LOD colour (
SCAR_H_STD_EGLM_Spect no 1x option (
CfgWeapons – config references missing sound files (
PMC armored SUV’s wheels are too strong (
CfgAmmo – obsolete definitions in M_CRV7_HEPD (
CfgVehicles – irScanXXX issues (
[BAF] unable to switch seats in Chinook (
Mi-24 engine too vulnerable (
accuracy value issues with civilian units (
accuracy value issues with military infantry units (
accuracy value issues with military special infantry units (
accuracy value issues with Wheeled_APC units (
accuracy value issues with tank units (
Mi-24P was not able to aim ATGMs (
T810 had faulty gunner get in points (
ACR DLC vehicle weapon and ammunition cargo bugs (
[ACR] several units uses only default face (
desert crew in Cars (Woodland) RM-70 (
ACR Pandur II 8×8 CZ should be amphibious – it is not (
[ACR] model and magazine capacity for Scorpion Evo III do not match (
[ACR] BVP-1 Takistani Army is crewed by Riflemen not Crewmen (
ACR Mi-24 clan sign was always black (
[ACR] missing define/include for M_Bolide_AA (
bombs are “homing” onto the target (
locking guided missiles, AI-fired RPGs, and BMP-2 have trouble hitting LAV-25 HQ (
T810 cargo seat had no proxy and was invisible (
long magazine reload times on Tunguska (
GAZ Volga vehicles have unaccesible inventories from outside (
HMMWV windshield is practically unbreakable (
BIS_fnc_selectRandom biased towards inner elements (
[ACR] wrong inventory setup for some units, RPG ammo (
[ACR] BVP-1 – the ‘remaining’ bugs (
laser guidance for MQ-9 Reaper’s Hellfire (
7.62mm muzzle velocities are incorrect – too fast (
[ACR] CZ 805 BREN optics (
SCAR_L_STD_Mk4CQT descriptionShort error (
ATV physics when driving on objects like bridges (
ATV handling and bounding issues (
SILVIE module (
2S6M_Tunguska vehicle and BMP3 IFV IR searchlights now not glowing anymore
ACR BREN SD sound changed to stock SD 5.56 sound as none of new ACR sounds fit it very well
ACR CZ 750 used default M24 sound instead of new ACR sound
ACR Dingo MRAP had no external Gear menu access
ACR EVO 3 was playing MP5 sounds instead of new ACR sounds
ACR Mi-24 Yak-B was not rotating with the turret
ACR Skoda Octavia had steering wheel turning into wrong direction
ACR vehicles are now OA-compatible
ACR weapons are now OA-compatible
AI rate of fire distance at medium range of GAU12 cannon
aircraft crash destruction effects no longer starts mid-air on dedicated server
aircraft explosions now always appear at correct height
all missiles and rockets are now visible from large distance
appearance of “No owner” messages in RPT file
armor of body parts of some characters
ATV had wrong low LOD texture
BMP2_HQ, BTR90 and BTR90_HQ APCs searchlights
BMP3 IFV rearlights position
broken IR laser of M4A1_RCO_GL rifle
deleted weapons and magazines of Su34 plane gunner what pilot already has
Dingo w/ GMG cloud effects are too big
Fire in the sky bug
“get in” vehicle sound attenuation relative to distance
incompatibility of FN_FAL and M14_EP1 rifles with JSRS mod
incompatibility of RPK_74 machine gun and GSh30x cannons with ACE and CWR2 mods
IR searchlight of T55 – now it can’t light on like IRL
Ka-137 and Pchela-1T no longer explode into huge explosion on destruction
M1014 shotgun model issue when magazine is empty
Mi-24P properly hides bomb proxies when they’re used up by gunner
MQ-9 Reaper had needless get in animation delay
MQ-9 Reaper laser designator now precise, propeller correctly turns into blurred one, UAV geometry is visible from gunner view
Pchela1T UAV model issues
portrait picture of some characters
rearlights of BRDM2, BRDM2_ATGM and BRDM2_HQ
roles of control list when inserting some vehicles in editor
smoke launchers to BMP2_Ambul were not added
smoke launcher on GAZ_Vodnik_HMG was removed by mistake
turning out AI driver when player is commander of BMP2_HQ tracked APC
the Cardboardbox DayZ bug
woodland ATV had desert camo texture
some localization mistakes
some other issues

Source bis forum topic

Black Ops Weapons ’80 by beppe_goodoldrebel

I’m doing some weapons to be used at best with Black Ops units from CWR2 mod.

Weapons done and in progress:
MP5A1 – done
MP5A1 Silenced – done
MP5SD3 – done
CAR-15 – done
CAR-15 Silenced – done
CAR-15 Flashlight – done
CAR-15 Aimpoint 2000 – done
CAR-15 M203 – done
Ammobox – done
Weapon Zeroing – WIP

First release V 0.5
-ADDED Ammobox “BlackOpsWeapons”

Known bugs:
– BOMOSSBERG500 with faulty M1014 shadow

-adding specular maps to all models
-adding weapon zeroing to all weapons ( except Mossberg )

Source bis forum topic