Pomegrat by Old Bear

Terrain Size: PMCTODO km
Satellite Resolution: PMCTODO
Objects: PMCTODO
Author: Old Bear
Version: v1.1
Release Date: 05-23-09
File Size: 3mb
Required Addons: none
Download Torrent: PMCTODO Pomegrat.v1.1.7z

Pomegrat Island v1.1 by Old Bear. Pomegrat is an island based on the real life island, Pomegues et Ratonneau, which is near Marseilles.

CONTACT INFORMATION : oldad@hotmail.fr

Some facts about the Pomegrat project.
It’s my 1st map and my first run in the modding world. I spend 3 months on the project, sometimes working a full day on the job. I have redone it twice, learning the hard way. I was helped all along the road by Floosy, my game ADO team mate, himself known for his Tatawin and Isla del Jonas islands.

The map is built with PvP in mind, but AI are doing ok on it as far as I have tested … The main issue for AI is the long seawall between the two parts of this island.

Some facts about Pomegrat Island :

Of course, this island does not exist in RL but it’s shape is based along the “Pomegues et Ratonneau” islands near Marseilles. The map is larger than the model and less rocky.
As on the model you can find here and there remains of military equipments, some of them centuries old.


On this map, two islands linked by a long seawall are making a nice place for an harbour.

– On the northern part there are 3 “modern” barracks, one near the harbor and 2 ruins of barracks from an other era, the Pomegrat village and the harbour. The north part is having also a farm with olive trees groves and vineyards.
A large telecomunication mast is set on the highest point of the map.
A very special set of buildings is to be found at “La Quarantaine”, these ruined buildings are what was left of a 18th century quarantine hospital when the plague was infesting this area.
– On the southern part there are an airstrip and a “modern” base near it, 2 “disused” ruined barracks and 3 places used since the 18th century for naval arty batteries.
In the middle of the southern part the village “Le Moulon”, is only ruins around a ruined castle.


v1.0 Initial release
v1.1 Modifications : – Asphalt road on jetty replaced by a dirt road in an attempt to help AI drivers not to chose this way to go to south base.
– Some houses position modified.


The PBO and Sign files in the archive need to be extracted into your ArmA/Addons folder.
However the mod folder method is the better solution.
Copy the following URL into your browser to view a Mod Folder Tutorial : http://tinyurl.com/armamodfolder


ADO Floosy for his tutorial and help,
ADO Corsair83 for his tests of the various shapes of the runway … and his videos,
ADO HusKy, ADO The_Killer,ADO ANgel,ADO Philippe83 for the Betas testings,
and all the

Clan ADO http://www.clan-ado.fr/

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