Iraq-Iran Border by Allie

Terrain Size: PMCTODO km
Satellite Resolution: PMCTODO
Objects: PMCTODO
Author: Allie
Version: v0.3
Release Date: 10-26-07
File Size: 66.1mb
Required Addons: none
Download Torrent: PMCTODO tolafarush.rar

This island is based on a real world location on the Iraq Iran border. I Picked this location specific because of the empty desert, people have enough space to make there own little settlements and camps. The airport is fictional, it does not exists in real life. Again i’m sorry to say but this is not the final release, it still have a lot of bugs and things in it that needs to be changed.

Things that still need attention:
*Coloring of close up textures
*Better and more vegetations
*More better placed objects
*Roads, bugs on looks, bugs in sounds and dust
*Airport pavement, bugs in sound, roughness and dust

Update 24/12/07
Ok this is it, i have enough of this island.
It will have some bugs, but for now i can live with it. I might update it one day, but for now THIS IS IT !
If you want you can be busy for years to make an island, there’s always something, somewhere, or somebody even ๐Ÿ™‚