Ensk by Sarmat Studio

Terrain Size: PMCTODO km
Satellite Resolution: PMCTODO
Objects: PMCTODO
Author: Sarmat Studio
Version: v2.0
Release Date: 05-11-09
File Size: 31.7mb
Required Addons: Ensk Objects by Sarmat Studio, Queen’s Gambit
Download Torrent: PMCTODO ENSK__2.0.7z

Island work was tested on the version of ArmA – 1.14 / 1.16. ArmA: Queen’s Gambit Expansion. On other versions the island ArmA was not tested also its normal work not guaranteed. In this island SARMAT Studio team has tried to create the atmosphere which is present at the CIS countries, atmosphere of the former Soviet Union, present atmosphere in which they live and we work.

Over island worked:

– Zenger (the Config, Arrangement of objects)
– SMERSH (the Config, Work on objects)
– VulF (the Config, structures, testing)

Over objects worked:

– SMERSH: Russian Architecture pack; architecture to fashion Liberation war pack; pack Russian Arhitektury-2 (pack is converted from OfP with the permission of the author – Alex j.); monument it is created on the basis of model from OfP, the author – TomiD (SU 22 v2.0); pack guide signs; monument “Ensk” and other)
– Citizensnips (traffic signs)
– DPS (For building P44)
– Alex j (for given pack buildings from OfP)

THANKS for councils, the help, and encouragement:

– SenChi
– Kolek
– AlexF1
– Angst
– Paladin


Source armedassault.info