AS Map Queen’s Gambit normal version by Alex Sworn

Terrain Size: PMCTODO km
Satellite Resolution: PMCTODO
Objects: PMCTODO
Author: Alex Sworn
Version: v2.10
Release Date: 09-28-07
File Size: 23.9mb
Required Addons: none
Download Torrent: PMCTODO ASMAP_QB210normal.rar

Demoisland optimized for normal PC’s !

I’ve been awake the whole night, playing around with one special program. This program fascinated me on some kind of degree, that I whished the night would never end. But unfortunately it’s already past 6 o’clock and I’ve got to leave. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, can stop reading and start looking at the screenshots below. It is…. Queens Gambit!

Changelog 2.09:
Big city,
A deep valley,
Some objects.

Previews next version.
Missile Silo 25m below ground. (Problems with the textures)
A small river
Enlargement of the land mass.

Changelog 2.00:
-independent config
-independent new textures
-new objects

This is an updated version of the example map, but this one uses QG Objects… so Queens Gambit is required to get it to work!

ToDo :
– runway on plain surfaceLandebahn mit glattem Untergrund.
– working electricity net (If someone hits a power cable the electricity network collapses (to a certain degree)