Afghanistan Mountains by blacKKnight63

Terrain Size: 40km
Satellite Resolution: PMCTODO
Objects: PMCTODO
Author: blacKKnight63
Version: beta
Release Date: 08-11-08
File Size: 54.2mb
Required Addons: none
Download Torrent: PMCTODO Afghanistan_Mountains__Source.7z

Afghan (40km x 40km). At this moment it is just a massive 4096×4096 map with alot of Desert Grass.

I have released the earliest possible BETA because, I want other people to have a go at the map, as for 2 reasons I am not currently able to complete it.
1. Problem with Visitor 3
2. No time

This map is a large empty area, designed for end user customization via templates. It is 40km x 40km of Geo-Specific terrain of central afghanistan. It is perfect for large air battles or large scale missions. It is only in BETA stage atm but i would like this to be a really good map eventually. Other aspects of the map are still WIP. So I release this for people to work on. The PBO includes the Source Folder, You will need to place the Un-PBOed Folder in the P:\ Drive for it to work properley. Contact me with any queries.

I release the map + the source to the public for free use etc, if you want to release as another map, Please change the Name, also contact me before hand.
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