Command: Modern Operations Announced

Not really sure whats this about, a new version of CMANO? so whats new? Very generic list on the features and as usual quite useless real world or rendered footage video trailer to go along with it.

Their website lists these features:
Revised user interface, based on dark theme and with lots of tweaks for improved gameplay
Completely re-written map engine, enabling fast and lag-free zoom & pan operations
New spectacular high-resolution map layers
Support for real-time Tacview 3D view (NOTE: separate purchase of Tacview Advanced edition required)
Numerous new UI & gameplay features such as hover-info databox, time-step mode, colored datablocks, minimaps, “recently loaded” scens/saves etc.
Massive boost in simulation performance/scalability
Automatic on-demand remote fetching of platform images (Players no longer need to manually download and install the database image packs)
Message Log 2.0: A radically improved message reporting system
New game mode: Quick Battle Generator
New line-of-sight (LOS) tool
New ScenEdit feature: Merge scenarios

New sim features:
– Customizable aircraft formations
– Terrain type affecting movement, vulnerability and detectability of ground forces
– New cost-based pathfinder engine
– Realistic sub comms
– Patrols with customizable movement pattern
– Vastly improved aircraft flight model
– Improved dogfight AI
– Aircraft crew G-tolerance
– Radar frequency agility
– Explicit Doppler-notching

Renewed emphasis on overall gameplay experience:
– Additional and expanded tutorials
– Stylized map icons by default
– The “Chains Of War” previously-exclusive features (cargo & amphib ops, aircraft damage, comms disruption and advanced weapon types) are now standard