Cold Waters: US Ships and More Playable Submarines Added

Killerfish posted news about new vessels for Cold Waters.

It has been a month since the massive South China Sea update was added and new content continues to be added to Cold Waters.

US Navy Ships

Two ships of the United States Navy have been added, the Belknap class guided missile cruiser and the Knox class frigate along with the Seasprite helicopter to provide air support.

Cold Waters New US Ship and Helo

More Player Submarines

To give these US assets someone to tangle with you can now play the Soviet Charlie I, Alfa and November as well as the PLAN Han classes.

Quick Mission Editor

Jump into the Quick Mission Editor to create skirmishes with the submarines, ships and aircraft you want to face off against. Play in the North Atlantic/Norwegian Sea theatre or the South China Sea/Pacific theatre as US, Soviet or Chinese nuclear submarines.

Cold Waters Quick Mission Editor

Medals for Soviet Navy and PLAN

Medals for the Soviet navy and Peoples Liberation Army Navy have been added to help the modding community create full campaigns featuring the new official playable submarines as well as numerous additional ones they’ve already added to the game through mods.

Medals 1 and Medals 2

Cold Waters New US Ship

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