Combat Mission Black Sea Battle Pack 1 is excited to release our second Battle Pack for Combat Mission! This Battle Pack for Combat Mission: Black Sea is brought to you by campaign designer Thomas West, author of the celebrated campaign “Task Force Spartan Resolve”. This Battle Pack also has the distinction of being the first released content to take advantage of the new Upgrade 4 features.

Battle Packs extend the life of mature Combat Mission titles by adding dozens of hours of entertainment through new campaigns and standalone scenarios, all crafted to take advantage of a wide range of equipment and formations available to the Combat Mission setting.

As an expansion of Combat Mission: Black Sea, this Battle Pack is set in the fictional 2017 conflict in Ukraine that the base game simulates. The Battle Pack includes two new campaigns, one for the USA, and one for Russia, as well as six standalone scenarios and 27 new Quick Battle maps. In total, this Battle Pack includes 21 new challenging missions!

Key content for this Battle Pack includes:

New United States campaign: “The Glorious Cause”. You will command the 2nd Squadron of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2/2CR). Equipped with Strykers and based in Vilseck, Germany, 2CR is the longest-serving active Cavalry regiment in the U.S. Army. As a squadron commander in 2CR, you will be among the lead forces of the NATO conventional intervention in Ukraine, and the spearhead element for the NATO armored push into central Ukraine to stop the Russian advance on Kiev. Although the campaign is centered on Stryker Infantry forces, other friendly forces that you will encounter include elements of the 82nd Airborne Division, 3rd Infantry Division, and the Ukrainian 92nd Mech Brigade and 17th Armored Brigade.
New Russian campaign: “The Push from Dniprodzerhyn’sk”. Command a Battle Tactical Group from the 205th Motorized Rifle Brigade, equipped with BMP-3Ms, T-72B3s, and T-90AMs. Spearhead the attack along H11/E50 highway after crossing the Dnieper at Dniprodzerhyn’sk, with the mission of pushing towards Kiev from the south. Bring the fight to Ukrainian and American forces!
6 standalone scenarios.
27 Quick Battle maps (based on maps from the Battle Pack missions).

Cost $10 or 9.17euro


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