Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations second standalone expansion announced!

After the great success of Northern Inferno, WarfareSims and Matrix Games are proud to announce Chains of War, the second standalone expansion of Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations!

A new generation of warfare is about to commence. In a world where the speed in communication is the blood of modern armed forces, new weapons are being developed to protect – or to poison – this blood.

Through 12 thrilling campaign scenarios, you will experience a full escalation in conflict over the Pacific Ocean between the United States and China, in which the high level of technology has broken all the old rules!

Or go back in time and experience conflict in 4 different historical hotspots!

Are you ready for the next level of War?

NEW! Communications disruption by network/cyber attack or any other arbitrary factor: Isolated units realistically limit their tactical awareness to only what they themselves can detect and engage, and are completely on their parent side of control. Say goodbye to Borg-view of the battlefield!

NEW! Cargo, landing and airdrop operations. Load mobile forces on ships, aircraft and even submarines, and unload them on any suitable point on the battlefield. Platforms are realistically limited by volume, weight and crew on what they can transport.

NEW! Comprehensive damage model for aircraft. Aircraft may be shot down outright or receive damage that will still allow them to limp back home. Different aircraft can absorb different punishment on their fuselage, cockpit and engines. Depending on the amount of damage received a plane may be “mission killed” if its repairs take so long that it misses the fight.

NEW! Advanced weapons for the new age of war. Tactical EMP weapons, railguns, high-energy lasers and more!

Get more information about Command: Chains of War from its official Product Page!

Command: Chains of War can be played as a separate game (with the possibility to upgrade it to the base game with all the available database and scenarios at any point in time). Alternatively, it can be integrated as a new set of scenarios for owners of the original Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Game of Year Edition!

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ArmA 3 v1.68 Update with 64bit Executable

ArmA 3 v1.68 Update with 64bit Executable is here finally!

Engine update highlights:
– 64bit executable
– Terrains in the main Editor Menu are now sorted alphabetically
– A new crosshair difficulty option (to disable the crosshair and crew aim indicator in vehicles; CCIP is visible only in optics)
– Missiles now support sub-munitions. Previously, such feature was reserved only for CfgAmmo classes with simulation “shotSubmunitions”. Now “shotMissile” works with it as well.
– It is now possible to transport non-vehicle objects in vehicles (via scripting only)
– The disassemble action is now available for vehicles with dead crew (e.g. static weapons)
– AI drivers of tracked vehicles should now drive more reliably in specific cases (less zig-zagging in high speeds, low-speed turning around)
– AI following a path should now be more precise
– The total amount of groups was increased by a factor of 2
– PhysX objects movement and collision precision were improved
– The speed of vehicles commanded to move should now be smoother
– Difficulty preset changes: waypoints and commands are now hidden on veteran difficulty
– Waypoints are now permanently visible on Regular difficulty once again
– Dead crew of static weapons is now ejected
– Switching from combat pace to a sprint is now more fluent
– Field of View in aircraft is no longer scaled according to their speed
– Fixed: It was not possible to connect to a Linux server once it loaded too many addons
– Fixed: Armored vehicles would not attack targets properly on Dedicated Servers
– Fixed: Planes controlled by AI were unable to lock a target
– Fixed: Framerate drop when opening a map in several mods
– Fixed: Gunship / UAV gunner optics were shaking when the pilot maneuvered an aircraft in multiplayer
– Fixed: Vehicles would start braking too late and could miss their waypoints


ArmA 3 Steam Tools and Samples Update!

Terrain Builder:
– Fixed: Some connection issues with buldozer

Samples, Scenario Design:
– Added: Sample of a Combat Patrol scenario