Community Upgrade Project Terrains v1.3

Community Upgrade Project (CUP) Terrains v1.3 was released today (well 01-30-17).

To recap what the packages encompass:
CUP Terrains Core – A1 & A2 buildings and objects – no required addons
CUP Terrains Maps – A1 & A2 maps – requires CUP Terrains Core
CUP Terrains CWA – CWR² buildings, objects and maps – requires CUP Terrains Core and CUP Terrains Maps
CUP Terrains Complete – contains the previous mentioned packages (Core, Maps, and CWA) all in one download

Get it from CUP Download page.

Source bis forum topic

Combat Mission Game Engine 4

Dunno how I missed this news posted already December 24th 2016. Anyways read below:

At long last, Combat Mission moves from Game Engine 3 to Game Engine 4! In the Store you will find Upgrades for CMBN, CMRT, CMBS, and CMFB. CMFI’s needs a little more time in the oven, but it will be along shortly.

After we have a little time to recover there will be a central page of information about Game Engine 4. For now just visit one of the supported CM Families in the Battlefront Store and look for the various Upgrade options. The details are there for your viewing pleasure.

We offer a bunch of different purchase options, including product specific Upgrade 4 installers, specials for both Upgrade 3 and Upgrade 4 (where applicable), and the Upgrade mega pack with all 5 Families covered (including CMFI). It was a last minute rush of minutia to get them out to you, so enjoy!

Also know that CMBN, CMRT, CMBS, and CMFB Base Games and Base Game Bundles are all using Game Engine 4 now. CMFI, once we get some details ironed out, will also be at Game Engine 4.

Happy Holidays!