CUP Compositions by Moerderhoschi

Note: this was accidentally posted to Scenario HQ on 10-20-16 and moved back to PMC News site today.

CUP Compositions is a mod to add the original ArmA II ObjectCompositions to ArmA III so that they can be used in connection with CUP Mod.

– Add all ArmA II Objectcompositions to ArmA III Compositions, you can find them under “CUP Compositions”

Required addons: CUP Terrains Core, CUP Terrains Maps, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons

Credits and Thanks:
CUP-Team – for porting the ArmA II content to ArmA III Crew – For many great ArmA moments in many years
BIS – For ArmA3

PMCTODO download broken mdhCupCompositions.7z

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Icons for Combat Mission Red Thunder by Wgbn1968

For my convenience, I made icons for CMRT based on modern military symbology. Huge thanks to Lt. Smash for his icons, which served as a base for alterations. Made without the use of flags, because I think that they (the flags) impair perception. “Shared” redone, not all. If someone can explain how to change the binding of the icons on this unit, write in comments or mail It seems to me that the main purpose of the Marder II can not be considered as an assault gun or self propelled gun. I would like to change.

PMCTODO download broken iconsCMRT_modern_2.7z

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CBA_A3 v3.1.2.161105

Hotfix release addressing a script error that occurs when using the latest dev branch or performance binaries.


ADDED: CBA_fnc_hashSize function to get size of hashes (#528, #531) Killswitch00
ADDED: RETDEF() macro (#537) 654wak654
IMPROVED: Performance of RETNIL() macro (#537) 654wak654
FIXED: Script error about variable with empty name (#535, #536, #539) commy2
FIXED: IS_INTEGER() macro unsafe when used with low priority commands (#537) 654wak654
FIXED: Errors in some function headers (#541) PabstMirror

Change log for CBA v3.1.2


Some CBA keybinds might not appear in the controls menu. The easiest currently known workaround is to create a new user profile.

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Command LIVE #4 launched: Don of a New Era

Its out! v1.11 Service Release 6, containing the new Command-LIVE DLC, is now available through MatrixGames and Steam . Includes the snazzy new high DPI-friendly side column!

Command Live Issue 4.pdf

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Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations Version 1.11 R6 Changelog

* Wholly revised right-column underlying UI stack that works accross different DPI settings (see article:
* Significant performance improvements on both sim-core and map engine.
* Sonar model addition: Bottom-bounce mode (active sonar only). Overview here:
* AI Tweak: Mobile facility contacts have the same expiration age as surface contacts (2 hrs)
* Added listing of comm devices on “Damage Control” window.
* Ship AI change: Do not adjust speed for cavitation when in simple plotted course transit.
* UI tweak: “Damage Control” button & window (and fire damage indicator) enabled for aircraft.
* Map tweak: Detected jamming emissions are displayed in yellow text and do not “fade”
* Weapons tweak: Weapons that impact on a set of coords first check if any target is actually there (chance of direct-hit!).
* Aircraft and aerial weapons that travel at high-supersonic and hypersonic speeds now get a substantial (linear) boost in their IR signatures (these things literally glow!)

FIXED: Unit-in-area check is not run often enough in high time compression
FIXED: #10889: Formations travel at 7kts when assigned to Sea Control
Fixed: Apaches with Hellfire missiles loiter over target
FIXED: Steam workshop checks with lots of subscribed content cause UI stutter
FIXED: #10947: Unit is detected Dialog fix
FIXED: #10938: AESA radars being picked up at possibly excessive ranges by modern ELINT
FIXED: Wire-guided torpedo not linking up to its firing unit at launch
FIXED: [B858] Submarine with destroyed diesels doesn’t use electric motors correctly
FIXED: Thermal layer properties not adjusted for very shallow depth
FIXED: Submerged submarine has LOS to air contact
FIXED: [CWDB v446] crash when selecting Concorde in DB viewer
FIXED: #11001: [B865] Hosted units immune to EMP
ADDED: Show “JAMMED” indicator for groups (if any of the members is jammed)
ADDED: Show full unit details on right column if in Gods Eye mode
#10915 – SM-3 acting like an A/C
#10882 – DB3k: Update to Indonesian Leopard 2A4
#10881 – DB3k Update: Add Canadian RQ-21A Blackjack (Canadian Army 2017)
#10873 – DB3k Update: Add HQ-16B (2016)
#10872 – [DB3k Update] US Navy/Marine Hornet GBU-56 LJDAM integration
#10806 – DB3k: Add AOE 532 Panshi (Taiwan 2015)
#10582 – DB3kUpdate: Single Unit Port Facility Request
#10209 – JH-7 OECM loadout
#10922 – Reduced RCS for Gowind corvettes?
#10901 – 5V55V missile (nuclear-tipped SA-10B)
#10891 – GBU-XX series cannot be guided by AN/AVQ-9 Pave Light
#10723 – Add Submunition version of Iskander
#10585 – King Air 350 SIGINT
#10296 – DB3k: Add Type 082 II-class MCMV (China 2016)
#04272 – 9A52-4 Tornado “HIMARski” MLRS
#03564 – DB3K: Chinese mine inventory
#10374 – DB3k:Add IL-22PP Porubshchik (EW Aircraft) Russia
#10119 – DB3k: New Mirage 2kN ISIL Loadout: 4LGB
#06582 – DB3k Update; Add SAM and SSM Facility adds
#06574 – DB3k Request: Add I Go class missile boats (Japan 80’s)
#04948 – Spanish platform requests
#04304 – Jobaria MCL (Multiple Cradle Launcher) MLRS
#10966 – L-Band wing radar on PAK-FA erroneously classed as non-AESA
#10937 – DB3k: Add AQS-24B to Sea Stallion and Fleet Series USV
#11004 – DB3k: Add Damage point field for aircraft
#11003 – [DB3k] Add antitorpedo system to nimitz
#10857 – Land Unit OODA Audit
#10665 – DB3k: Add Y-20 Airlifter (China 2017)
#10113 – DB3k: Add new Carrier Magazine for LHDs and LHA for 2017

* Includes the DB3000 v447.

DB3000 additions:
Add Weapon 3392 HQ-16B — 2016
Add Mount 2984 HQ-16B TEL, 2016
Add Facility 2991 SAM Bty (HQ-16B [SA-17 Semi-Copy]) — China (Army), 2016, 3x Bty + 1x HQ-16 Search Radar
Add Weapon 3393 GBU-56(V)4/B LJDAM [BLU-109A/B] — USN, 2018
Add Weapon 3394 GBU-56(V)2/B JDAM [Mk84] — USN, 2018
Add Aircraft 4606 RQ-21 Blackjack Block II — Canada (Army), 2017, 4th Artillery Regiment
Add Mount 2985 Sky Sword SAM Quad Launcher
Add Ship AOE 532 Panshih — Taiwan (Navy), 2015
Add Ship 3078 Type 082B Wozang [804 Huoqiu] — China (Navy), 2008
Add Mount 2986 9A52-4 Tornado MLRS — 2014, Russia, Himarski 1 6 0 0
Add Weapon 3395 SA-10b Grumble [5V55V] — 1984, S-300PS, Nuclear
Add Warhead 1118 SS-26 Cluster Munitions
Add Weapon 3396 MGM-31C Pershing II RV [CAM Kinetic Penetrators]
Add Weapon 3397 MGM-31C Pershing II [CAM] — 1990
Add Warhead 1119 MGM-31C Pershing II RV [CAM Kinetic Penetrators]
Add Mount 2987 Pershing II [CAM] Antirunway 1 1 0
Add Facility 2993 SSM Plt (Pershing II [CAM]) — United States (Army), 1988, -Antirunway, Hypothetical
Add Warhead 1120 CAM Payload [24 x Runway Penetrators]
Add Facility 2994 Armored Plt (T-72 MBT x 3) — Iran (Army), 1994, -T-72S, T-72M1
Add Facility 2995 Armored Plt (Chieftain Mk.5 MBT x3) — Iran (Army), 1975-2010
Add Facility 2996 Armored Plt (T-62 MBT x 3) — Iran (Army), 1983-2005
Add Facility 2997 Armored Plt (Type 69 MBT x 4) — Iran (Army), 1986-2010
Add Facility 2998 Mech Inf Plt (BMP-1 [AT-3 Sagger A] IFV x 3) — Iran (Army), 1982-2010, x500
Add Facility 2999 Motor Rifle Plt (BTR-60PB APC x 3) — Iran (Army), 1986
Add Facility 3000 Inf Plt (Iranian Army) — Iran (Army)
Add Facility 3001 Inf Plt (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) — Iran (Army)
Add Facility 3002 Inf Sec (Quds Saboteur Team) — Iran (Army), -Saboteurs
Add Facility 3003 Inf Sec (Quds Recon Team[Generic Laser Designator]) — Iran (Army), 2012, -Designator
Add Facility 3004 Mech Inf Plt (M113A1 APC x 3) — Iran (Army), 1960, many
Add Facility 3005 Arty Bty (130mm/52 M-46 M1954 Towed Howitzer x 6) — Iran (Army), 1990
Add Facility 3006 Arty Bty (122mm/38 D-30 2A18 Towed Howitzer x 6) — Iran (Army), 1990
Add Facility 3007 Arty Bty (152mm/25 D-20 M1955 Howitzer x 6) — Iran (Army), 1990
Add Facility 3008 Arty Bty (155mm/23 M109A3 Self-Propelled Howitzer x 6) — Iran (Army), 1965
Add Facility 3009 Mech Inf Plt (BMP-2 IFV x 3) — Iran (Army), 1994, x413, BMT-2, Boragh-2
Add Weapon 3398 EM-52 Mine [Rising, Acoustic Narrow-Band Fuze, Pressure] — China, 1980
Add Weapon 3399 EM-52 Mine Warhead [Rising, Acoustic Narrow-Band Fuze, Pressure] — Rocket-Propelled Warhead (not torpedo)
Add Warhead 1121 EM-52 Rising Mine Warhead
Add Weapon 3400 M-4 Mine [Moored, Acoustic, Ultrasonic] — China
Add Weapon 3401 MR-80/C-6 Mine [Bottom, Total-Field Magnetometer Fuze, Passive Acoustic, Pressure] — -Italy,China
Add Weapon 3402 M70 Mine [Bottom, Passive Acoustic] — -Yugoslavia
Add Weapon MPT-1M Torpedo — PMT-1/PMK-2 Mine
Add Warhead 1122 PMT-1/PMK-2 Payload
Add Weapon 3404 PMT-1/PMK-2 Mine [Rising Encapulated ASW Torpedo, Active/Passive Acoustic] — USSR, Russia, China
Add Weapon 3505 Stonefish Mine [Bottom, Total-Field Magnetometer Fuze, Passive Acoustic, Pressure] — -UK Export
Add Weapon 3406 MDM-5 Mine [Bottom, Pressure Fuze, Acoustic and Magnetic] — Russia, Aircraft
Add Facility 3010 SAM Bty/3 (SPYDER-SR) — Vietnam [1975-] (Air Force), 2016, 3x + EL/M-2106 ATAR
Add Aircraft 4607 Il-22PP Porubshchik — Russia [1992-] (Air Force), 2014, 3x,ELINT,EW
Add Sensor 5788 AN/ALQ-240(V)1 — P-8A
Add Ship 3079 301 [Polnochny A,Pr.770MA] — Egypt (Navy), 1974, x3
Add Sensor AN/AQS-24B — -Towed Minehunting
Add Weapon 3412 AN/AQS-24B AMS Helicopter-Towed Minehunting Sonar 2017
Add Aircraft 4608 MH-53E Sea Dragon — United States (Navy), 2017, AN/AQS-24B
Add Ship 3080 HSV 2 Swift — UAE (Navy), 2015-2016, Catamaran
Add Ship 3081 90 Sabha [Perry] — Bahrain (Navy), 1995, ex FFG-2
Add Ship 3082 FF 18 Almirante Blanco Encalada [Karel Doorman] — Chile (Navy), 2017, MM40 Blk III
Add Submarine 641 SS 20 Thomson [Type 209-1300L] — Chile (Navy), 2010, x2
Add Ship 3083 R 91 Maipo [BATRAL Class] — Chile (Navy), 1982, x3
Add Weapon 3413 PL-15 –2018
Add Facility 3013 SAM Bn (SA-20b Gargoyle [S-300PMU-2]) — Iran (Army), 2016, 4x TEL, 2x Bn + 96L6E, 8x Bn
Add Aircraft 4609 Y-20 Kunpeng — China (Air Force), 2016

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TypeSQF Editor v0.36 by Enigma

A script editor for SQF scripts. The most important features are:

Syntax checking
Syntax highlighting
Share and download community made content via the CPack service. (I named it CPack – in Visual Studio they call it Nugets).

Error Reports:
Please do not pollute this forum thread with error reports. Instead send them to All other comments welcome!

1. Unzip the four files and put them anywhere on your Windows PC.
2. Execute the file TypeSqf.exe.

Change log:
– Added auto completion.
– Fixed: Script command params did not declare variables.

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