Combat Mission: Black Sea v1.04 Patch

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We’ve just put Black Sea v1.04 patches up for download. This one is mostly data and behavior tweaks for things which have been brought up since v1.03. It is the last planned free patch for the first generation (Engine 3.0) Black Sea. The next release will be Upgrade 4.0.


Combat Mission: Black Sea v1.04 Patch (PC/Mac)
Thursday, 20 October 2016

The v1.04 patch provides a large number of important improvements and fixes to Black Sea v1.03. This is not an inclusive patch, so please make sure you are running v1.03 prior to patching to v1.04. NOTE! there is no v1.02 patch!
General Patch Information

Extract the downbloaded zip file into a location of your choice such as your desktop (except of course the game directory itself), then launch the CMBS_v104_Setup.exe (PC) or CMBS v104 Patch Installer (Mac) file to start the installation. The patch installer will attempt to select the correct default for you and warn you if it thinks it’s not where it should be. However, if you moved the game files manually, or on certain systems, this automatic selection may not be 100% fail safe. Please doublecheck the installation location BEFORE installing the patch and make sure that you are installing into the correct directory.

Save games from earlier versions ARE COMPATIBLE, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before updating.

Due to the potential of conflicts with earlier game Mods, we strongly advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing this patch.



Effectiveness of the M-25 CDTE’s HE grenade has been increased against enemy troops.
More models of recoilless weapons can fire indoors, and with less suppression on the firing troops.
Infantry mortar teams will now use their mortars when given a Target Light area fire command.
FIXED: Disposable AT weapons not disappearing from the soldier’s kit after use.
FIXED: Igla S missile offset from tube when launching.
FIXED: Rarely an AT-14 team would be unable to finish deploying the ATGM inside houses.
FIXED: M25 CDTE has 5-round magazine.


IFVs with cannons and ATGMs will more intelligently choose which weapon systems to engage enemy vehicles with.
Abrams tank side turret armor (both base armor and ERA) is now less effective at defending against tandem HEAT warheads.
Russian Kontakt-1 and Kontakt-5 ERA are now less effective at defending against tandem HEAT warheads.
Abrams smoke deploys slightly more slowly.
Ukrainian tank ammunition loads have been adjusted. Oplot-M now carries APFSDS 3BM42 Mango (instead of Zubr), and T-64BV now carries APFSDS 3BM22 Zokolka (instead of APFSDS 3BM42 Mango). T-6DBV now carries 3BK18 HEAT shells instead of 3BK18M.
BTR-80A, BTR-82, and BTR-82A are now more willing to area fire in low visibility conditions.
2K22M Tunguska does not have thermal optics (the 2K22M1 still does).
FIXED: The AT-10’s tandem HEAT warhead from the BMP-3/3M was too weak against ERA.
FIXED: Sometimes Bradley and Abrams ERA blocks would fail to function, allowing HEAT warheads to travel through them and hit the base armor unimpeded.
FIXED: At close LOD, BMP-2M would look like a BMP-2.


FIXED: UAV thermal vision works better in poor weather.

Quick Battles:

QB prices of fortifications have been increased.
Tunguska SPAA QB price increased.


Improved textures for M110.
Improved textures for Skif.
Improved textures for AK-74M.
Added muddy textures for MT-12 Rapira.
Corrected some mismapped textures in a few flavor objects.
Small adjustments to a variety of vehicle models.

Misc Bug Fixes

FIXED: M1167 Humvees would sometimes count as a tank kill on the AAR screen.
FIXED: Unit crossing bridge would sometimes get stuck or needlessly zigzag.
FIXED: Sometimes a wire fence would stay upright after a vehicle rolled through it.
FIXED: A specific Independant House building model had opaque windows.
FIXED: Other minor misc bug fixes.

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