Lanzerath Ridge Map


This is the map used for the scenario that ships with CMFB “Action at Lanzerath Ridge”. I made the map using google earth (or the terrain) and the pictures and maps in the book The Longest Winter (for period pictures). This map is much larger than what was used in the scenario. It includes the ridge where the fighting took place, the village and a fair amount of the area south of the village too.


Source The Scenario Depot III

Killah Potatoes Ranks


This mod provides a automatic ranksign system for players, based on the users own config via dedicated server userconfig files or via unit init line in the editor.
The ranksign for the german Bundeswehr (green and brown ranksigns) and the US Army are implemented. They will be automaticly attached to a players uniform.

– 3x 20 ranks for german “Flecktarn”, “Tropentarn” and for US troops. (from the bottom til Colonel / Oberst)
– Server owners can manage the applied ranks with a serverside userconfig file, where they can list every player via steamID and the proper rank for them.
– Missionmakers can set the rank of a player unit via init line.
– The ranksign get’s reapplied after uniform change or opening the arsenal.
– If a player isn’t listed at the server file or don’t have something in his unit init line, he will get the lowest rank.
– There is also a userconfig file with the uniform list, on which the mod will apply the ranksigns. Server owners can extend this list as they want.
– You get automaticly the right ranksign, even during running missions. If you wear a german Flecktarn uniform, you’ll get a green german one. If you wear a german Tropentarn uniform, you’ll get a brown german one and if you wear a vanilla NATO ArmA uniform, you’ll get the US ranksign.
– Mission module included to force the usage of this mod.

This Mod works on vanilla uniforms, Uniforms of the BW Mod and the KSK 2035 Tropic Mod.
RHS Mod was checked, but the RHS uniforms don’t have a proper position for apply the ranksigns, so if you wear a RHS uniform you won’t get a ranksign applied.

Required addons: CBA_A3

Source bis forum topic

CBA_A3 v3.1.0.160928 Release

This release adds Join Rails compatibility to pistols and bipods from the Tanoa expansion and tweaks various small issues with the AI and settings functionality. It also removes old, long deprecated and/or non functional code mainly stemming from the days of Arma 2. We also fixed the “callsign” composition attribute from the Eden-Editor by inserting our own custom MP compatible function.


ADDED: JR muzzles to pistols (#436) robalo
ADDED: JR compatibility with APEX bipods (#436, #500) robalo
ADDED: Listenable events for CBA settings initialization (#437) PabstMirror
ADDED: Garrison waypoint in editor (#438) commy2
ADDED: PerFrameHandler Objects (#441) commy2
ADDED: CBA_fnc_getArea to return the array form of any area construct (#442) SilentSpike
ADDED: Optional pbo to load settings from a userconfig file (#450, #459) commy2
ADDED: Template for creating a settings file inside a pbo (#451, #459) commy2
ADDED: CBA_fnc_removeWhitespace (ported from ACE 3) (#457) commy2
ADDED: PATHTO_FNC and RECOMPILE macros for CfgFunctions (#475, #494) dixon13
ADDED: “format” versions of LOG()/WARNING()/ERROR()/INFO() macros (#482) commy2
ADDED: Optional parameter for CBA_fnc_addPlayerEventHandler (#490) PabstMirror
ADDED: Unit test for network component commy2 (#497)
ADDED: Event handlers for creating and deleting markers commy2 (#505)
ADDED: Fix for broken “callsign” Eden attribute commy2, snippers (#508)
IMPROVED: Remove some obsolete productVersion checks (#432) commy2
IMPROVED: Remove some obsolete and unused files (#434) commy2
IMPROVED: Missions can force global settings if not forced by the Server (#437, #506) PabstMirror
IMPROVED: Group behaviour when using CBA_fnc_taskDefend (#440) SilentSpike
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_randPosArea accepts areas in form of array or location (#442) SilentSpike
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_taskSearchArea accepts areas in form of array or location (#442) SilentSpike
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_inArea in favour of new inArea command (#442) SilentSpike
IMPROVED: Remove obsolete PlayerConnected, PlayerDisconnected band aid fix (#443) commy2
IMPROVED: Disable “Default” settings button if setting is already the default value (#444) PabstMirror
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_hashSet to use the deleteAt command (#445) PabstMirror
IMPROVED: Some internals in XEH component (XEH_CLASS_BASE macro) (#446) commy2
IMPROVED: Internals of serializing array type settings (#449) commy2
IMPROVED: Correct wrong information in some functions headers (#463) commy2
IMPROVED: Precompile displayLoad functions (#464) commy2
IMPROVED: Simplify CBA_fnc_filter with new SQF commands (#465) commy2
IMPROVED: Align DEBUG()/WARNING()/ERROR() macros to their ACE versions (#466, #480, #498) commy2
IMPROVED: compileFinal internal CBA missionNamespace functions (#469) commy2
IMPROVED: Remove obsolete and non functional marker persistency feature (#473, #485) commy2
IMPROVED: Remove obsolete code from network component (#474, #476, #477, #479, #481) commy2
IMPROVED: Remove CBA_fnc_benchmarkFunction (use diag_codePerformance) (#478) commy2
IMPROVED: Check data type of the arguments of CBA_fnc_addKeybind (#484) commy2
IMPROVED: Save expression in debug console when hitting the enter key (#491, #493) PabstMirror
IMPROVED: Remove obsolete configs for the old XEH from diagnostic component (#495) commy2
IMPROVED: Remove obsolete unreachable code from common component (#496) commy2
IMPROVED: Remove obsolete fire team synchronization code, deprecate event (#511) commy2
FIXED: Incorrect building position storage in CBA_fnc_taskDefend (#440, #488) SilentSpike
FIXED: Infinite building searches caused by CBA_fnc_taskSearchArea (#440) SilentSpike
FIXED: Only logged in admins are allowed change settings (#448) commy2
FIXED: CBA_fnc_addKeybind running on headless clients (#467, #468) commy2
FIXED: CBA_fnc_setVarNet and CBA_fnc_publicVariable broken (#471) commy2
FIXED: CBA_fnc_error (internal) not safe for scheduled environment (#472) commy2
FIXED: CBA_fnc_formatNumber not behaving as expected (#486, #489) Sniperhid
FIXED: Default value for argument in CBA_fnc_hashHasKey was not a hash (#503, #509) commy2

Change log for CBA v3.1

Some CBA keybinds might not appear in the controls menu. The easiest currently known workaround is to create a new user profile.

Source github

Chinook – OFP Remake

A heavily modified remake of the Operation Flashpoint single mission “CHINOOK”. Using CUP US ARMY units

Deliver troops from the 10th Mountain division to an LZ behind enemy lines.

Fans of the original will notice the obvious differences. I changed as much as I did because the original was bland, short, and really was just a minor showcase for the Chinook when it was released in a patch.

Source bis forum topic

RS – Rain Textures by Rabid Squirrel (v0.28)

– Fixed: Error when a Unit is deleted that has Rain Textures Running.
– Fixed: Gear should be returned to the correct place now (i.e. If it was in your vest it should be put back in your vest).
– Fixed: When playing in MP Functions should only be run once per unit now.

About Rain Textures:
These are textures for your gear and weapons, that will turn on while it is raining, which should add to the immersion and experience of fighting while it is raining in Arma 3. The changes are subtle and it shouldn’t distract you in combat, but they are exagerated under direct light, which makes it fanstastic to look at at night with street lights hitting the water drops.

How does this Mod work?
When the “rain value” in game is above 50%, doesn’t matter whether it is in the Editor, or the Singleplayer Campaign, the textures will apply to the gear. If at any point the rain calms down, or stops, the textures will be removed from the weapon. This was designed with seamless integration in mind, it should be fully compatible with any missions or campaigns that contain Vanilla Arma 3 Content.

Current Features:
– Rain Textured Plate Carriers
– Rain Textured Backpacks
– Rain Textured NATO Helmets
– Rain Textured NATO Uniforms
– Rain Textured MX Family of Rifles
– Rain Textured P07 Pistol

Planned Features: (Re-textures of the Following)
– 30-09-2016 : NATO Gear (Complete)
– Timeframe Unknown : CSAT Gear
– Timeframe Unknown : AAF Gear
– Timeframe Unknown : FIA Gear
– Timeframe Unknown : NATO Vehicles
– Timeframe Unknown : CSAT Vehicles
– Timeframe Unknown : AAF Vehicles
– Timeframe Unknown : FIA Vehicles
– Timeframe Unknown : Marksman DLC Weaponry
– Timeframe Unknown : Helicopters DLC

Source bis forum topic

E-130J Guardian by pinaz93 (v0.2)

This is a fictional plane that was in my thoughts for a while: a AEW&C plane based on the C-130. I see it as a lower cost AEW&C plane based on a very common cargo plane.

In real life one C-130 AEW&C really existed, from wikipedia:
“EC-130V Airborne early warning and control variant used by USCG for counter-narcotics missions in 1991. It was used by the U.S. Navy 1992-1994 and then by the USAF as NC-130H.”

The model is based on the C-130J from [Dust]Sabre, the radar and the search script are from the open source A-50 (I will probably do some work on this too in the future) released by Hcpookie some time ago.

Textures Included:
– US Coast Guard
– Nogova

– Automatic radar scan every 46 seconds (it is automatic so it can be leave as an AI plane, but if you are the pilot you can disable the scan)
– ECM script from Firewill’s AWS

– fixed the freeze when placing the plane

Required addons: FIR AWS US Standalone

Source bis forum topic

Panavia Tornado AWS by pinaz93 (v0.2 Beta)

Ok guys this is what I was talking about on the Eurofighter thread, after a request from an user and after I have recived the sources files of Bundeswehr Tornado from Diavid (plane originally made by Dezkit/Ivory Aircrafts) I have started the works on the Tornado…

What’s inside?
– TORNADO IDS/GR.4 with various loadouts and textures (UK, Italy, Germany and desert storm livery for Italy and UK)
– TORNADO MR (Multi role variant upgrade) with various loadout and textures (UK test, Italy test, Germany test, AAF)

Thanks to:
– ColorChanger (for the original model? I’m still trying to find out this guy, if someone have any informations please contact me)
– Panzergranadier3 ( the guy who made the last update for this plane in OFP, for the permission to still use it)
– Diavid and Dezkit (for the original A3 plane)
– John spartan and Saul for the Afterburner and loadout menu
– Firewill fo the Weapon pack and loadout menu
– Flanders25 for the help
– Roofie for the help
– [Dust]Sabre for the help
– Hcpookie for the weapons and other things from his open source Eurofighter

v0.2 Beta
– added all planes to zeus
– Fixed one error in rpt

Required addons: FIR AWS US Standalone

Source bis forum topic

Eurofighter Typhoon AWS by pinaz93 (v1.4)

I’m working on a new version of the Eurofighter Typhoon from Hcpookie, and I’m ready for the release. Main differences:
– new external 4096×4096 textures (thanks to DreamRebel for the help)
– removed random numbers from the fuselage
– Firewill’s Air Weapons System integration (weapons, ECM, Targeting)
– Faster than the original
– Config improvements, it will not stalls on every close turn
– No cup requirements

– fixed the freeze when placing the plane
– Changed the AAF texture to make it similar to my AAF Tornado

Required addons: FIR AWS US Standalone

Source bis forum topic